Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ridiculous shit

I was very impress during my trip to NY that i decided share some of the moment with the public. the people in these pictures are some of the flyest and freshest people on the planet. i'm very honored to associated with them

I can't even describe her outfit because i'm so stunt right now. these pins makes her blazer one of the sickest blazer i have ever seen. 

I can only use one word to describe this outfit. its too stuntastic. i must admit, his blazer better than chris martin blazer. a regular guy would be so intimidated wear this. 

his bow-tie is the dopest bow-tie i have ever seen. a classic outfit tho.

i thought my jeans were tight but his are tighter than mine. i would definitely were something like this even though its casual.

all black everything is always a statement depending on how you wear it. his biker jacket is really dope but mine is better.

as for her, she always surprises me, she's one of the flyest female out there. her sunglasses is too dope.

i'm always pushing the envelope. it is my job as a fashion student.
i went through a lot to acquired this briefcase. the trench coat is my priciest item.

as for this pic, i had to include it. a 1930 chevy all black now thats classic.

every time we get together, it's always turns out stuntastic. the man behind my success.

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